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Located in Garden City, Waypoint Gaming is Long Island's premier esport LAN Center.



our events for the month of December

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1100 B Stewart Ave,

Garden City NY 11530



M-Th 10am–12am
F-Sa 10am–2am
Su 12pm–5pm

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Here's what we have at waypoint gaming

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what do you mean i can't use my hardware as an excuse?

Come down to Waypoint Gaming, to experience every game, on the best possible hardware. Play games like PUBG and Fortnite with no lag. Compete with your friends or the community in our League of Legends or Counter Strike events, experience the game like the professionals. Events, EVERY weekend, streamed with commentary. Come start your legacy today.

If I'm staring at it, it might as well be pretty

Think you're good at shooters, but the person that you're playing against you just continues to get shots on you before you can even register they're there? More than likely they're using 144hz monitors. Visualize a screen refreshing 60 times in one second, that's what most equipment is stuck at, now imagine more than double that. Pretty hard to visualize right? Come check it out and be blown away by the difference.



This is where you will start your journey to stardom

The crowd is screaming your name, chanting your tag as you lift the EVO trophy high over your head, you remember all those nights spent training with the best Long Island had to offer day in and day out. On our beautiful 4k 144hz tv's. Come play your favorite games and all new releases the day they drop. Events, EVERY WEEKEND.

Real life sucks after you've tried this

You're traversing the lands of Skyrim, as a dragon swoops overhead, the famous battle song begins, as you begin your battle in glorious virtual reality. After that's over you save and go to Rec Room, and experience some intense laser tag in virtual reality. After that you sit down, grip the wheel and put rubber to asphalt as you turn every corner in blistering speed in our VR racing simulator. 


We're located on Stewart Avenue and Endo Blvd, Turn onto Endo Blvd and you'll see us between State Farm and the International Buffet! You can't miss our awesome glowing sign!


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